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Collection and use of personal information

Any information you provide voluntarily to Kansas Press Association including registrations, 调查, download requests, or contact forms on the Kansas Press Association website will be used only in ways you have authorized, such as sending email newsletters. From time to time, we may ask for information that may include your name, e-mail addresses, company name, and phone number. This personally identifiable information is kept confidential. As we value your privacy, we will never give, 租赁, 出售, or otherwise share the information you have given us on our site.

Kansas Press Association does link to other websites not controlled by Kansas Press Association. Unfortunately, Kansas Press Association has no control over how these websites protect your privacy or use information you provide once you leave P租赁 visit their individual privacy policies to discover how other websites use your information.

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Our website uses a third party service, Google Analytics, to collect, monitor and analyze information your browser sends whenever you visit pages on our site in order to improve the Kansas Press Association website and enhance your user experience. Google Analytics places a cookie on your device to accomplish this. This data may include browser type, your computer’s Internet Protocol (“IP”) address, the pages of our site that you visit, when you visit, the page you visited right before accessing our site, time spent on Kansas Press Association pages, and other statistics. Google Analytics does not collect any personal identifiers such as name or address. From time to time, we may use non-personally-identifying information collected to report, in aggregate, trends and usage of the site.
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